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Adding Images to Wiki

Page history last edited by Carrie Banovz 10 years, 11 months ago

To add your images to the wiki, complete the following steps:

  1. In Photoshop, save your image as a jpg.  Set the image at 72 ppi.  The size of the image should be around 4 x 6 or 6 x 4. 
  2. In the Wiki, click Create a Page.
  3. Where it says, "Put this page in a folder," select the folder for the project we are uploading.  I.e., Collage_Fall09.   NOTE:  If you do not see this field, click More Options.
  4. Name your page with a title of your project.  If you are using a "generic" page name, be sure to put either your first name or your initials after it.  I.e., Collage CB.
  5. Click Create Page.
  6. Your page will open in the Edit mode.  If it does not, select your page from the list of pages and click Edit.
  7. In the right side, Page Tools, select Images and Files.
  8. Click Upload Files.   *** If the Upload Files files link is not there.... do steps i - v.  Then skip Step 9 and go to Step 10.
    1. In the upper right of your page (when you are in VIEW mode), click Upload Files.
    2. The wiki takes you to the Pages and Files page.  Click the Upload Files button in the upper right.
    3. Browse to find your image.  Make sure you select the image that you saved in Step 1.
    4. Click on your page name to go back to your page.   Click EDIT.
    5. Click on Images and Filesin the right panel of your page.
  9. Browse to find your image.  Make sure you select the image that you saved in Step 1.
  10. After the picture is uploaded, you will see the file name in the right side bar.  Click on the image file name.
  11. It will display on your page.  NOTE:  If the picture displays very large, go back to Photoshop and resize it.  If it does not display at all, make sure you have saved it as a jpg.
  12. Enter once or twice at the bottom of your image.  Then type a few sentences about your image... what tools you used, what you were trying to accomplish, features that you thought were good, what you wish you could have done differently if you could have figured out how :-), etc.   When critiquing site, you and your classmates will include things that you like and things that you think could be improved.
  13. Click Save.
  14. VOILA!


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