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Week 6-Spring

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February 7 - 11




  • Time to start your 1st project ... a collage!  This is a project where you will use a minimum of 5 pictures (prints, on CD, on flashdrive, emailed to yourself).  You need to figure out some way to make those pictures fit together on a full size page ... either 8 1/2 x 11 or 11 x 8 1/2.  Be sure to use a variety of selection/removal techniques ... make your collage unique and creative!   HINT:   Use the feather option when you are making a selection to make a "soft"  selection.
    Handout:  Collage Checklist


Tuesday - Mrs. Banovz is in Edwardsville at a meeting

  • Work on collage



  • Work on collage



  • Work on collage
  • We'll start adding the images to the wiki today.
  • FIRST:   Change the resolution of your collage to 72 and the size to 4 x 6 or 6 x 4.  Save the new collage as a jpg with the name collage72_cb (use your initials instead of cb).  See the page in the sidebar about Adding Images to the Wiki 
  • Add comments to your classmates pages.  Give constructive critiques! Don't just type, "Good job." 
  • Start thinking about your next project, in which you will create an imaginary creature by combining parts from several images.  Examples from the past include:  Father time (made up of various clocks), Tiger Woods (Tiger Woods in the woods with his body as a tree trunk), Softball person (body is ball field, hands are gloves, etc), Apple Jack (apple with a jack for arms/legs), a Catoe (Tomato body with cat head, legs, etc).  BE CREATIVE!  


  • Make a valentine's card for the Banquet


Friday - Senior Citizen's Valentine's Banquet

  • Enjoy!

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