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Packet Info

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This page contains specific information about the packets that you complete at the beginning of the semester.  Be sure to check back here if you have questions about a particular step.


Hint:  Read through the steps before you start them! 


Notes & Final Images

(click the underlined chapter/lesson to view the notes & final images for those packets)

Chapter 1     Lesson 4 (scroll down to view)

Chapter 2     Lesson 5

Chapter 3     Lesson 6     

Chapter 4     Lesson 3


Chapter 1 - Getting Started  

Use any persophilis image 

that you edit.... there is no right or wrong.. 

  1. Be sure to try out the Snapshot feature on page 17 #2.  You should use this feature often!
  2. Page 18 #1:  Photoshop>Preferences s/b Edit>Preferences
  3. Save the Persophilis image at the bottom of page 17.  Beginning on page 18, you will use Big Ben.
  Lesson 4 - Working with Selections
  1. Read the Selection Tools Overview on page 104.
  2. Follow the instructions for (Windows) ... not Mac OS. 
  3. Beginning on the bottom of page 105, open the 04Start.  Follow the directions to move the different components to their final location.
  4. Be sure and note the difference between moving a marquee and moving the selection.  What tool did you have to select to move the selection? 
  5. On page 107, #6, Edit>Deselect s/b Select>Deselect.
  6. You'll see lots of hints/tips in this Lesson, such as holding down the Shift key when you are dragging the elliptical marquee to make a perfect circleBe sure to read all of the information presented!
  7. On page 110, steps 2 & 3, you may not see the change in the pointer image.  That's ok!  It will still work. 
  8. Page 115... How does the Tolerance affect the use of the Magic Wand?  What additional keys can you use to change the function of the Magic Wand?
  9. Pages 117 & 118:  Use both the Lasso and Polygonal Lasso to select the pen .... Press the Alt key to switch to the P. Lasso.  


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