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Maximum Ride Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports - CS

Page history last edited by Cassie Stone 10 years, 3 months ago


Maximum Ride is a great book series and would make a great movie.


This had to be one of the most fun projects so far. The Clone Stamp was my best friend when it came to the background. Some of the poses didn't match the original, so I had to use the Clone Stamp to fill those spaces and still have it look good.


The areas between my arms and Austin Chew's arms were blocked so I clone stamped very carefully around there. I went down to the pixels to make sure I was happy with it. Also, Max has long hair and I don't, so the area around my head, shoulders, and my left side is all Clone Stamped. I made sure that it wouldn't look cloned by varying the stamp size and places that were being cloned.


I also ran the Burn Tool over everyone to darken them (the sun is setting).


I think I did all right.

Comments (3)

Hanna said

at 10:10 am on Apr 20, 2010

This looks really good, very real! Good work!

ciera hammonds said

at 10:38 am on Apr 20, 2010

this looks great. it is legit.

tatumenglish said

at 10:16 am on Apr 23, 2010

This looks amazing!! This is legit.

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