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Week 2

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Monday, January 10

  • Are you ready to have fun??  Let's get started! 
  • Today you are going to start learning the skills that you will need to create AMAZING images!  There are packets on the back table that you will work from to learn these skills....  Here is a handout that you will use to keep track of the packets you have completed... checklist.
    • The files that you will use are on the I:/ drive.  Be sure to save them to your folder (see next item).
    • Create a folder in your IE folder on the server called packets....  save all of your completed packet projects in here.....  the filename should have your initials at the end.  i.e., persophilis-cb.
    • File type info-when you are completely done with a project, save it as a jpg. (change the file type when you select save as).  Select medium as the quality.  If you are still working on a project, save it as a .psd (photoshop document).  This will allow you to be able to make changes to the various layers in your file.


At the end of each day, please put the packets back on the table, NEATLY! 


Tuesday, January 11

  • Keep working on your packets!  Before you begin each day, check the Packet Info page in the sidebar.  I'll put notes here specific to the various packets.  Hopefully this will help answer some of your questions and also give you a heads up on misprints in the instructions.
  • Let me know if you notice any mistakes that should be corrected/noted. 


Wednesday - Friday, January 12 - 14 (I won't be here on Thursday, 1/13 - I'll be with the FBLA at SIUC)

  • Keep working on your packets!  If you are absent, be sure to let me know if you work in the library to make up the points.  Be sure to bring a note from Mrs. Siefert.


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