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Amy's Collage

Page history last edited by Amy 10 years, 2 months ago



My collage is based on my fiends. My friends are my life and I do not know what i would do without them. I used a lot of different tools throughout my collage. I used the typing tool to put in a quote about friendship. I also put in a background behind the writing. I wish I would have made the pictures flow together a little bit better than I did. I enjoyed making this collage about my friends!

Comments (10)

Christian Thomas said

at 2:14 pm on Sep 21, 2010

Definately makes me want to be chillin with the homies right now. Everything is smooth and related which is good. The quote makes the collage in my opinion. Although it looks like you didn't really use any filters

Nathan McGee said

at 2:15 pm on Sep 21, 2010

This is great Amy! The pictures are very oranganized and cleanly selected and whatnot. I love that quote by the way! Great job :)

Samantha Spencer said

at 2:16 pm on Sep 21, 2010

the quote gave me chills. i am a little upset that i am not in it.... :-( homecoming game i will be :-)

Jake Fulton said

at 2:20 pm on Sep 21, 2010

i like how u got the quote in the middle. Plus it it is well put together and also im loving the mustang in the bottom right pic. nice job

Samantha Ridenour said

at 2:22 pm on Sep 21, 2010

The pictures go well together and I love the quote maybe some blending on the edges would make it look even better than it already is.

Blake Benjamin said

at 2:23 pm on Sep 21, 2010

I like the sort of picture frame you have going with the quote in the middle itts very good in my opinion.

Matthew Kaminsky said

at 2:25 pm on Sep 21, 2010

nice quote and the pics go nicely together

connor edwards said

at 1:58 pm on Sep 22, 2010

Well organized and good layout.

hmonje said

at 1:30 pm on Sep 24, 2010

Awww girl i am in you collage lol Love you girl!!!!

Kaylin said

at 1:45 pm on Oct 18, 2010

I love it. I really like the quote too! Great job!

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