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Hedge hog by Blake Benjamin

Page history last edited by Blake Benjamin 9 years, 10 months ago


I made this  out of a hedge a hog a pair of wings and combined all of them to create a Hedgehog and then put in on this background and therefore its as seen now.

Comments (9)

Christian Thomas said

at 1:42 pm on Sep 28, 2010

I don't even know what to say. This is sweet. I'm now afraid of storms if this thing is flying around.

Samantha Ridenour said

at 1:42 pm on Sep 28, 2010

haha nice the backround didn't really make sense until you added the caption but great job on the creature.

Samantha Spencer said

at 1:42 pm on Sep 28, 2010

aww i like this. i love how you made part of the body green and the other part just a regular body :)

Nathan McGee said

at 1:43 pm on Sep 28, 2010

Sweet job man! nice work on your selections and extractions!

Susanna Moore said

at 1:43 pm on Sep 28, 2010

I love the intense caption! Inventive!

Jake Fulton said

at 1:44 pm on Sep 28, 2010

why does it have wings??? haha nice job tho dude

Blake Benjamin said

at 1:50 pm on Sep 28, 2010

Because it has to have wings!

connor edwards said

at 2:05 pm on Sep 28, 2010

Blakey this hedge hog is wonderful. Its obvious your going for the tough look again. And once again you acheived it. Nice job. The background is very tough lookin. Is that a tornado? I think it is and its obvious that the headgehog is withstanding the tough gusting wind power of the tough tornado, makin your hedgehog super tough, like maybe a super hero. Thats tough.

Amy said

at 2:03 pm on Sep 30, 2010

This is a very creative and interesting choice. Haha. You made it work though. Great job making it flow nicely.

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