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popgear,shanghai and fashion show tayclark

Page history last edited by tayyyy 10 years, 2 months ago

this is a fashion show on project runway :] mondo will win:D

this is my shanghai. the guy in the picture is stephen jerzak. :D and the shirt says love: bears, believes, hopes, endures, ALL THINGS :D

this is christofer drew ingle, and he is wearing a wolf hat, my creation of popgear,not my best but it works.

Comments (5)

CBolen said

at 1:16 pm on Oct 6, 2010

thus us good i like how you used alot of differetn colors in all your pictures

Tasha Black said

at 1:17 pm on Oct 6, 2010

Haha i really like that you used another fashion show!
And the second one is really, really, really good. I like it alot. It looks kind of pro!

Eli Snider said

at 1:30 pm on Oct 6, 2010

the 3rd is actually very good

Taylor Mitchell said

at 1:22 pm on Oct 15, 2010

i love the fashion show one its good!

Elisabeth said

at 2:14 pm on Nov 15, 2010

The fashion show picture is amazing, and the middle one is my favorite fantastic job

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