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Bonifield Sports Page

Page history last edited by ryanbonifield@gmail.com 9 years, 9 months ago


I used the mask tool to make selections around the people and myself. For the background I adjusted the opacity of the basketballs and the football field. I used the smudge tool for the background at the top of the page to smudge the orange and blue together.

Comments (12)

Skyllar Starling said

at 2:51 pm on Feb 15, 2011

I like the way that the pictures fit together and how you have on main photo that is the main focus of the collage. I think you could have gotten a little bit closer to the edges of some of the photos that you masked in order to make a selection. Also on the top photo of you dunking the ball I think it would have looked a little better if you lightened it up a bit. Other than that I really like this collage.

allyson mitchell said

at 2:55 pm on Feb 15, 2011

This is really good and it all works well together.

oliviaogden said

at 2:56 pm on Feb 15, 2011

I liked the way you arranged the photos to have emphasis on all of them in a different way. I agree with Skyllar when she said she liked the big picture in the center for the biggest focus. It may have looked a little bit cooler if you had auto color for a few of the pictures that have a slight tint or if you feathered some of the edges on your pictures.

Dallas Wright said

at 2:56 pm on Feb 15, 2011

nice job i like where you put the pics its a good collage

McKenzie Boyer said

at 2:58 pm on Feb 15, 2011

Awesome pictures! I like how the football picture is very large and the rest are medium size...good way to grab attention. I also like the cropping you did to where the collage flows. Nice backgrounds too, the basketballs and football field. Also, i think the top middle photo would have looked better if you did not chop off part of your head.

jacob conder said

at 2:58 pm on Feb 15, 2011

Nice background there buddy your welcome i helped you everyday and made you less nerveous about the project. It turned out great and the basketballs in both corners look a lot better than four of them just sitting around. Good job at using the laso to cut your pictures out to the right size. Good Luck with the next project!

zachwatson25@... said

at 3:00 pm on Feb 15, 2011

I like the mix between sports and how it is involved in the background. The jersey colors look sharp and everything is spaced out well. Impressive work!

gbriatkova said

at 3:13 pm on Feb 15, 2011

It looks really good, i like the way how you put all pictures together.

Brett Prince said

at 3:17 pm on Feb 15, 2011

The picture of you dunking it in the upper corner is a bit discolored, but everything is spaced out well, and looks good together.

Valarie said

at 3:22 pm on Feb 15, 2011

Nice pictures, everything is sharp and all the pictures are spaced out. Looks very nice.

Jennifer said

at 8:58 pm on Feb 15, 2011

I like how you made one of the pictures bigger than the others. You could have smoothed the edges of the pictures more, but great work!

Rachel Holmes said

at 2:48 pm on Feb 24, 2011

I like the pictures but some of them were obvious that you put them on top on the background, if you would of made them coming out of the picture instead of laying on top of it, that would have looked a lot better. But besides that you did a nice job.

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