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Africa's Big Five

Page history last edited by Chris Cox 9 years, 9 months ago


In these pictures I mostly just changed the resolution and size of the pictures so that they were about the same. Then I took a little off the pictures. The hardest picture was the one of the rhinos since they were about 6 times the size it should've been.


Comments (13)

Brett Prince said

at 2:51 pm on Feb 15, 2011

The background doesn't really flow and blend with the images of the animals. I like the pictures of the animals and using the ones we identify with Africa in your collage.

Skyllar Starling said

at 2:59 pm on Feb 15, 2011

I feel like you should have blended the sides of the images into the background and may should have just done a solid black, brown, or tan as the background as well.

ryanbonifield@gmail.com said

at 3:00 pm on Feb 15, 2011

The images are spread out and clear. It allows the viewer to clearly see the distinct "five." Also the smudge tool could have helped the line of background change in the middle of the collage.
Ryan Bonifield

oliviaogden said

at 3:05 pm on Feb 15, 2011

i like each picture and how the color is the same for each. I like the background colors too, but I think the collage would have looked a little bit better if you had used the quick mask or magic wand to select closer to the edges of each animal.

allyson mitchell said

at 3:06 pm on Feb 15, 2011

I like the background but all of the pictures are akwardly placed.

Dallas Wright said

at 3:08 pm on Feb 15, 2011

you could have took more off each picture to just have the animal but i like how you have each spread out and it goes with the background

McKenzie Boyer said

at 3:08 pm on Feb 15, 2011

I like the choice of background but I think it would have looked nicer if you would have used the quick mask tool to get a closer selection of the animals and then put them on the bottom to where it does not look like they are floating in the air of the backdrop

jacob conder said

at 3:09 pm on Feb 15, 2011

The picture has all the potential of being really good, the only thing i say that you should have done is that you should have blended the pictures where they look seemless to the background nd more apart of the whole picture. But mostly i would say you did a great job by making the edges of all the big five animals look like africa pieces

zachwatson25@... said

at 3:11 pm on Feb 15, 2011

The pictures are spread out really well and go together nicely. The background really adds to the whole thing. Good Job

gbriatkova said

at 3:18 pm on Feb 15, 2011

i really like the background and the way the collage looks.

Rachel Holmes said

at 3:19 pm on Feb 15, 2011

First of all I think the lion with his tongue out is really cute. I like lions and I think you brought the animals out of the picture real well. I like how the animals look together and I like the intensity of the background and the sun shining on the African tree.

Jennifer said

at 3:25 pm on Feb 15, 2011

I like your background. Although your collage could have been better if you had cut out the pictures better and not left such big chunks of the other backgrounds in the images.

Valarie said

at 3:26 pm on Feb 15, 2011

I love the picture of the lions and the rest of the animals. It looks really great. I love the background picture, I just dont think it goes with the rest of the collage. Good job.

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