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Lady Bug- Allyson

Page history last edited by allyson mitchell 9 years, 5 months ago

Comments (11)

Valarie said

at 3:21 pm on Feb 23, 2011

Nice job. I like the lady bug and her shoes. I also like the background. you did a good job.

Jennifer said

at 3:23 pm on Feb 23, 2011

I like how the background doesn't distract from the ladybug.

McKenzie Boyer said

at 3:26 pm on Feb 23, 2011

Looks sweet, i like how it is bedazzled. the only thing i noticed is the background is blurry

Skyllar Starling said

at 2:50 pm on Feb 24, 2011

I like how the background is because you can really look at the ladybug. I feel the shoes don't look right though and you could have found a way to connect them more.

ryanbonifield@gmail.com said

at 2:51 pm on Feb 24, 2011

Cool theme! I like this it looks good. Nice use of Diamonds on the wings

zachwatson25@... said

at 2:55 pm on Feb 24, 2011

The background is cool and I really like the diamonds for spots idea. good job

oliviaogden said

at 2:56 pm on Feb 24, 2011

This is super cute! I love the use of the diamonds and shoes. The noise on the background looks pretty neat. good job!

jacob conder said

at 2:57 pm on Feb 24, 2011

Good job allyson i like how the background really showed the lady bug because it was a totally different color and the diamonds were a really good touch

gbriatkova said

at 3:07 pm on Feb 24, 2011

This is really cute. You did a good job.

Rachel Holmes said

at 3:25 pm on Feb 24, 2011

I like the background I think you did really well with the stained glass effect. And making the ladybug with human legs is creative.

hunsakercortney@... said

at 2:44 pm on Mar 10, 2011

Cool looking! I really like the background.

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