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Chapter 13 pics EL

Page history last edited by Edwin 9 years, 9 months ago


favorite one is probably the sword turned out to look really good I posterized all of these but I only used the shanghai on the sword.  The eye looks pretty awesome, I used the alice technique on that one.  The cutlass 442 took the longest to do because I used about 12 different colors (lots of them are just in different shades), I used the popgear technique on it and it turned out really well.

Comments (13)

ryanbonifield@gmail.com said

at 2:42 pm on Mar 1, 2011

The eye looks good. Im glad to see someone used the other way on the sword instead of making it wider you made it taller it looks good. Car looks great too! nice job!

jacob conder said

at 2:43 pm on Mar 1, 2011

Great job really the eye and also the swords gave it areally good vib to it. Keep up the creativity

Holly Madej said

at 1:49 pm on Mar 2, 2011

very good like the colors

Jay Simmons said

at 1:49 pm on Mar 2, 2011

The eye is awesome! But the shanghai on the swords is really well done.

tiffany thomas said

at 1:49 pm on Mar 2, 2011

good job

Nicole Griffin said

at 1:49 pm on Mar 2, 2011

I like the eye one.
it looks pretty legit. Good job.

Sydney Smith said

at 1:51 pm on Mar 2, 2011

I like the eye the most. U should have used more than 2 colors on the shanghai!

Melissa Thomason said

at 1:52 pm on Mar 2, 2011

the sword pic you could have made the three swords different colors

dakota jeralds said

at 1:54 pm on Mar 2, 2011

like the car pic and the top one, make the swords 3 different colors

travis kidd said

at 2:05 pm on Mar 2, 2011

good job they all look good

Keirston said

at 2:07 pm on Mar 2, 2011

I love the eyes and the sword! They look sweet! Awesome job!

Andrew.ellis1434 said

at 2:10 pm on Mar 2, 2011

nice sword job good coloring

Tonya said

at 2:20 pm on Mar 2, 2011

I like them all. You did good.

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